Crossfit Looks Too Hard!

A common misconception in the realm of CrossFit is the difficulty. Yes, CrossFit is hard. Prescription of body weight clean and jerks, or handstand push-ups can be extremely hard to complete or daunting to most individuals. However, CrossFit was originally designed for individuals to complete average everyday tasks in a greater than average way. For example, helping your Grandmother be able to carry her groceries from the car to the fridge. Or, pick up your child to comfort them. Or, simply complete the duties of your job every day. Would we expect your Grandmother to clean and jerk her body weight or rep out handstand push-ups? Well, if she is a competitive Master Games athlete… yes. But, chances are she is not. Movements like a clean and jerk quickly turn into a light ground to overhead to simulate putting bags of groceries into the pantry. This being said, CrossFit has the benefit of SCALING workouts. All movements can be modified, scaled, or interchanged to suit the needs, limitations, and fitness level of each individual. Just because the whiteboard shows a seemingly impossible set of movements, does not mean we can not give you the tools to complete it at your own intensity! Come on in, and see how we can help you complete some new and exciting activities!


Coach Josh

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